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The Mayam task management product, Mayam Tasks, extends a workflow and/or MAM environment with advanced task management capabilities and APIs specifically designed for use with BPM systems.

The Mayam Tasks UI is a key enabler for media centric task list driven workflows. Operator task lists and approval screens are presented in the form of a task management UI. Being a web app, the Mayam TaskUI can either be used standalone or alternatively, it can be embedded into a MAM system, integration portal or similar.

Feature highlights:

The Mayam Tasks API provides web services for task management and MAM access. Based on the experience that APIs must be truly high level to be fit for purpose for use with BPM systems, the Mayam Tasks API is engineered to be used productively from BPM systems such as Intalio BPMS.

The current release of Mayam Tasks is 2.5. Contact Mayam for additional information and reference implementations and integrations

Download product brief PDF

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