Mayam delivers workflow orchestration and metadata solutions to professional media organisations around the world. The Mayam Tasks workflow engine software package brings the advanced functionality required by leading media companies. The Mayam Tasks workflow engine is currently in use supporting media workflows in 15+ countries.

Our team of software and workflow experts have more than 15+ years of experience of implementing integrated media workflows and systems in the media environment. On top of the Mayam Tasks workflow engine, we offer professional services to design and implement orchestrated workflows and system integration services.

Mayam Tasks

The MAYAM Tasks UI is a key enabler for media centric task list driven workflow

The Mayam Tasks workflow engine brings user task management and media workflow processing capabilities.

The Mayam Tasks UI is a key enabler for media centric task list driven workflows. System jobs, user task lists and approval screens etc are presented to users where they make sense – inside a MAM, as a panel in the video editing application or embedded into a user portal.

Feature highlights

  • Advanced task and job management GUI
  • Existing integrations with several MAM, BMS systems, transcoders etc
  • Advanced data mapper framework for rapid integration service development
  • Process orchestration via BPMN graphical process definitions
  • Designed for a large quantity of concurrent tasks and users
  • Powerful table rules engine that can be called from user tasks and BPM processes
  • Rich REST API and Java SDK – available here
  • Large portfolio of existing workflows available for reference and reuse purposes
  • Configurable user dashboard with graphs and job list widgets (from V3)
  • Workflow reporting via integration with the Eclipse BIRT reporting application
  • Full audit trail history including logs of all user actions
  • Access to task list actions and media operations can be configured on a per task list basis

With the newly released Mayam Tasks 4.0, we are introducing Marionette, a new embedded BPMN process editor bringing major usability improvements.

For more information on Mayam Tasks 4, please check out the Mayam Tasks 4 Overview document.


A SKOS-XL based, structured, multilingual Thesaurus Manager with specialised Search capabilities

JustSKOS is a brand new thesaurus manager, developed to bring a super-fast yet intuitive user experience to thesaurus curators as well as occasional browse users.

JustSKOS is a structured multi-lingual application that implements the SKOS-XL standard to manage both hierarchical and flat datasets with tailored presentation and edit views.

JustSKOS is available both as a cloud SaaS service in AWS or as a standalone on-prem system.

Feature highlights

  • Optimized to manage both hierarchical and flat data sets
  • Organize into Concept Schemes, including multi-scheme concepts
  • Statuses to manage concept lifecycle
  • SKOS notes to enrich with metadata
  • Explicit support for Acronyms / Abbreviations
  • Explicit parenthetical qualifiers
  • Multi-language support for concepts, search and UI
  • Search optimized for names, titles etc
  • Long list of search functions including fuzzy, right and left truncation, …
  • Filters are live, and can also be stored as profiles
  • Filter on schemes, status, provenance, date ranges, presence or absence of metadata
  • Surface the most relevant search results, as you type
  • Navigate via relations
  • Browse hierarchical schemes as a tree
  • System enforces uniqueness for preferred label with qualifiers
  • Clone an existing concept to speed up repetitive work
  • Batch actions
  • Import large lists with Excel files
  • Export in multiple formats
  • Available as a service (in AWS) or on-prem
  • Multi-level roles-based security
  • Active Directory/Azure AD support or AWS Cognito for user management

Mayam Core

The Mayam Core metadata manager is used to manage large quantities of metadata including conversion to EBU core, business rules for quality improvements, and high performance export

Mayam Core is a metadata manager designed to store and manage full library size metadata sets.

Mayam Core implements the EBU Core standard for management of media library metadata. There are two main use cases:

Centralized metadata repository Gather metadata from multiple sources and manage in one place

Migration engine Clean-up and convert legacy library metadata and store as EBU Core

Beyond metadata store and manage, Mayam Core also brings search, display and navigation capabilities. This is achieved with UI support for navigating EBU Core relations between entities.

In addition, specific functionality exists to manage Agents and support the process of converting raw harvested person data into thesaurus quality concepts.

Feature highlights

  • Support for managing media library type data structures like typical programme hierarchies plus agents, rundowns, playlists, publication events
  • Import metadata and convert to EBU Core
  • Use case: centralized metadata repository
  • Use case: migration engine with metadata quality improvement functions
  • High throughput designed to handle large datasets, like 1000 editorial objects per minute of import/export performance
  • Reference case with 20M+ managed entities and 50M+ relations
  • Language specific search
  • Vizrt Ardome-specific data converters for metadata, lowres and keyframes
  • UI with configurable metadata views
  • Embedded video player using either AWS S3 or local video files including on the fly conversion of legacy proxy file formats
  • Based on the proven Mayam Tasks platform
  • Available as a managed service (AWS) or as an on-prem system


May 6th, 2024

Major Version Release: Mayam Tasks 4

We are pleased to announce the release of Mayam Tasks 4! The big change this time is Marionette, a new process designer that is embedded into the Tasks UI.

From now on, business process lifecycle management spanning over design, testing, deployment and version management can be performed in one coherent place.

Parallel to this, Marionette also brings a new lightweight performance improved process engine to boost throughput for high volume workloads.

For more information on Mayam Tasks 4, please check out the Mayam Tasks 4 Overview document.

October 13th, 2021

Mayam at FIAT/IFTA

Mayam is proud to sponsor the FIAT/IFTA virtual world conference taking place October 19-21. In addition to being a sponsor, we are also participating in the virtual exhibition.

There is also a presentation by Sound and Vision in the Netherlands where they describe their project to switch their previous theaurus editing application to JustSKOS by Mayam. The title of the presentation is "Thesaurus Management at Sound and Vision: the switch to a new editor".

This link takes you to the FIAT/IFTA conference

October 3rd, 2021

Introducing Mayam Core the metadata manager

The workhorse in our portfolio, Mayam Tasks has been extended with data model support for EBU Core and large set of functions to manage large metadata sets.

There are two main use cases – a centralized metadata repository and migration of legacy MAM data into EBU Core.

Beyond data model, relations and search extensions, there are also high performance services for content import and export. We call the new offering Mayam Core.

September 1st, 2021

Mayam is launching JustSKOS

Mayam is now launching a brand new thesaurus manager named JustSKOS.

This is an application that implements the SKOS-XL standard to provide modern management of multi-lingual thesaurus data sets.

Already installed at Sound & Vision, SVT and the Media Library at the European Parliament, JustSKOS is offered either as a SaaS service in AWS or alternatively as a traditional on-prem application service.


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